I am offering two CDs of vintage Ottawa county photos.  If you liked the pictures on this website and want to see more then this is the answer.  Some of these pictures are scanned from big 36 inch prints and look great when shown on your computer.

To see a panoramic view and see if it works on your computer, click HERE.  The pictures on the CD should load much faster because they are not coming over the internet.  Use the scroll bar to see the large photo.

Price for each item will be $10.  If you order both of these CDs the price is $18.  In addition I am offering free shipping for a limited time on all orders of either one or both. I guarantee it to work or I will refund your money or give you a CD that does work.  A list of what is on these 2 CDs is shown HERE.  This offer will be terminated without prior notice.  Contact me HERE for more details or to order any of these CDs.

Requires Windows operating system and a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  You should have at least 128 mb memory available, however, I have used less than this and the pictures loaded.
Picture CDs For Sale