The New Bonanza, Gambling Casinos.
           The great lead and zinc mining bonanza has come and gone.  A new industry has exploded on to the scene and is growing rapidly.  Years ago, the only slot machines in Ottawa County were at small private clubs and the law was paid off to ignore them.  Now there are thousands of slots as well as table games in the casinos of Ottawa County.  A few years ago, there were only a couple of bingo halls that were operated by Native Americans.  In the last 5 years, most if not all of the tribes in Ottawa County have built casinos ranging in size from convenience stores with a slot machine room off to the side to larger casinos with up to a thousand slot machines and many table games.  Now the next generation has come and the giant hotel-casino has appeared and more expansions and new buildings are planned at other locations.    Most of us older residents of the area would have never dreamed that such an industry would flourish in Ottawa County, but the county now has eleven casinos and more are in the works.   Thousands come from the surrounding states and counties to visit these places.   Big time concert shows and sports events are here, also...
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Most of the casinos ran by the tribes of Ottawa County are plain looking on the outside, but when you enter, it is almost like a trip to Vegas.  The giant Downstream Casino is the entertainment center of the Four States on weekends and evenings.