Mining Near Commerce, Oklahoma
Early day view of lead and zinc mining at Commerce, Oklahoma shows the mines and mills in the area.  A steam shovel is loading gravel from a tailing pile in the foreground.  This gravel or "chat" was spread on unpaved roads for surface material and was also mixed with cement or other materials for filler.
The Blue Bird Mine was located just north of Commerce and was owned by the Bilharz Mining Company.  All of this mining area was called Miami District in the early days of the field.  Picture sent to me by A. S.
One of Commerce's most famous mines was the Emma Gordon.  This view shows it about 1909.
Underground scene at one of the Bilharz Mining Company's mines showing the miners posing near the shaft of the mine.  This could be the Blue Bird Mine or one of the other mines near Commerce.  Photo courtesy of Sue Asher.