Commerce, Oklahoma
March 1918
Looking north toward the outskirts of Commerce, you can see that sewer pipe was stacked in the alley in preparation of building a sanitary system.  Many of the houses had a more modern look to them.  In the original of this photo you can see flower pots in the left window of the building with the sign.  You can see all sorts of stuff on the ground and fresh laundry drying on the lines.  There is a woman visiting with her neighbor over the back fence.  There is not a tree anywhere. It is a second in time frozen forever from a bygone time.
I believe this picture was taken from a large building on the south side of Commerce Ave. about 2 blocks east of the water tower.   This view is looking northwest over the residential section toward the school.  Mines in that area were the Prairie and McBee.  This view is from March 1918