Hockerville, Oklahoma
Closeups of Buildings
The next two pages show closeups from the previous picture of some of the stores at  Hockerville, Oklahoma.  Here we see men standing around in front of the bank.  A barbershop and drug store are located north of the bank.  On farther up is a two story building that may be the one whose walls are still standing today. A mine derrick is visible in the distance.
The house at the right side of the picture is across from the bank and on the east side of the street.  The rooming house is where the miners rented rooms.  The mill in the background is probably  at the Farmington mine.
SScene at Hockerville about 1947 showing what looks like Morelands Grocery store and the bank building.  This was just before the giant mine cave-ins that doomed Hockerville.  Photo courtesy of Billie White.