Lincolnville, Oklahoma
One of Ottawa County's earliest mining towns.
Turn of the century general merchandise store at Lincolnville, Oklahoma
About 1898 lead ore was discovered on the Abrams land which was three miles east of Quapaw and mining began in what was called the Sunnyside district.  In 1903 lead was discovered two miles south of Sunnyside and this mine was named "Old Abe".  The village of Lincolnville was started and more mines were opened up around the town.  Some of these mines were the Indiana, Sweeney, Big Jack, and Common Law.  A school was built on the west side of town and served the Lincolnville and Mission City communities.  This school operated into the 1950s, long after the town of Lincolnville had passed into history.  Lincolnville lasted only a few years and most of the miners left for the great Picher mining field to the west.
   Lincolnville school consisted of grades 1 through 8 with students from several grades being taught at the same time in one room.  The school was used from about 1908 until the late 50s or early 60s and was torn down shortly after it was closed.
A large crew at the Katy Mine at Lincolnville, Ok. about 1910.  Photo courtesy of Joyce Gilley.
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Another early mine at Lincolnville was the Joanna mine and it was located in the southeast part of Lincolnville and not far from Spring river.  You can see two miners sitting in the doorway eating their lunch.  Photo from about 1908.  From J. Taylor.