Miami, Oklahoma
     Pictures from the horse and buggy days
This building is probably one of the oldest in town.  It is on A Street just west of the Ottawa County courthouse.  It looks like the name "Coleman" is painted on the building, but has faded away.  These buildings are gone in a 1927 view of the same place. 
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   Early day hardware store in Miami.  This store sold lots of merchandise related to horse drawn equipment.  This store was located on the west side of  South Main just north of First Ave.  Photo courtesy of Harry Martin
I was told by the person that I purchased this photo from that it was a store in early day Miami and maybe was the Milner-Berkey store.  I can barely remember Milner-Berkey before the big fire in 1948 and I remember a balcony in the back of the store and those pneumatic air tubes for delivering messages from the balcony to the sales floor.  This picture goes back to the teens or 1920s.  A larger picture of the sales people appears in the "Photos of People" section of this website.