Riverview Park Bridges
Miami, Oklahoma
    This attractive multi-arched bridge was the second bridge to be at this site.  This view was taken not long before it was demolished to make way for the present bridge.  This view looks across the Neosho river toward Riverview Park.
    The main problem with the bridge shown above was that it was a catch-all for driftwood when the river was on the rise.  This large log jam had to be cleared manually from the shore with a winch truck.  Note that a similar log jam has formed against the Frisco railroad bridge.
Photo by John Schehrer, 1960
  The low water dam at Riverview Park was a great spot for fishermen in the 1950s.  When the fish were biting, this place had no equal.  It was the best that there was and both sides and all across the dam fishermen were lined elbow to elbow as shown in this photo.  In later years the dam sustained lots of damage and mud and debris filled in around it and it is nearly always underwater now.