Miami Main St. about 1912
Prior to 1914, streets were named differently than today.  Today's "Central Avenue" was then called 4th Street.  Third and Main St. is today called First and N. Main Street.  This picture looks south from that point.  A trolley car is visible in the distance.
   On the east side of Main is a Buggy store.  The cars soon put this store out of business.  South of it is R & M Dry Goods and they advertised Ladies' Ready To Wear. On the Corner is the bank and it is where the First National is now.  Big building in distance is a hotel.  That tree leaning over the street is visible in another picture looking north.
   West side of Main Street. Dark building on right unknown. Light building with two upper windows is the long time Milner-Fribley store.  Next to it is Republican Headquarters.  The big building is unknown and is the only one of these buildings still in existance today.  Big building in distance is the Opera House and it has some kind of structure in front of it.  Trolley tracks are visible in the street.