Miami, Oklahoma
Schools from Bygone Days
Lincoln School about 1919.  This was the original building built about 1907.  In 1920 another building was constructed behind it to enlarge the school.  This was my home from the 4th thru the 6th grade.  Earlier grades met in the other building.  This building was demolished about 1954 and a new building was built.  How many of you remember Mrs. Hitchcock and Mrs. Streeter?
Miami High School, located where the Nine Tribes Tower now stands, holds lots of memories for the earlier generations.  Remember Mr. Kelton, Mrs. Hall, the Wolf brothers, and Mr. and Mrs. Killion?  Photo courtesy of Lynn Wade.
Miami's first public school, Central School, was at second and A street N.E.  It must have been where the high school was later built.  
This addition to Lincoln school, built in 1920, was south of the older building shown above.  It housed grades 1 thru 3 and is shown here after the older building was demolished.  Photo by John Schehrer
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