A Relic From The Past
The Old K. O. & G. Railroad Bridge over the Neosho River, near Miami, Oklahoma
Photos by John Schehrer, c2001
It has been almost 50 years since trains used this old bridge over the Neosho river south of Miami, Ok.  This bridge was last used by the Kansas, Oklahoma, and Gulf railroad.  It is in remarkably good condition in spite of being un-repaired for all that time.
A large pile of driftwood has backed up against the center pier of the bridge.
A mighty wooden trestle leads over the flood plain up to the bridge.  Full grown trees are growing up around the structure.
The old bridge is dimly visible through the brush growing along this approach to the bridge.  The tracks are gone, but a pipeline extends across the structure.  Some of the giant timbers are still in good shape after all these years while others are deteriorating.
Next, see the bridge under construction.