Miami, Oklahoma
Scenes fron the top of the courthouse
Miami, Ok. about 1917 looking southwest from the top of the courthouse.  The muddy street is A street.  The intersecting street is First steet.  Lincoln School is barely visible in the top left side of the photo.  The old hotel, shown in the 1895 picture, is shown just right of center.  It has the peaked roof and is at the intersection of first and south main street.
    This unbelievable mudhole is A street just west of the courthouse.  It is also visible in the photo at the top.  The Kipp Blacksmith shop is on the west side of the street.
   This picture of the Carden Building is from an old postcard.  This building was built in 1917 and is located at Main and Central in Miami.  It later housed the Security Bank.  The clock on the corner of the building is now on a building south of this one.