Miami, Oklahoma
A Route 66 City
This view taken from First and South Main Street shows the town as it looked about 1963.  All the buildings on the left side all the way to Central were demolished to make way for the new Security Bank building.  The Miami Theater, formerly the Glory B Theater, can be seen.  The famous Route 66 runs down the length of Main Street and then turns west on Third Street  and crosses the Neosho River.
This view from about the same location was taken in the 1950s and the old Ottawa Theater can be seen.  What a place of memories that was.  Saturday afternoon westerns were an event to be looked forward to.
The famous Coleman Theatre at First Street and North Main and on Route 66 has been restored and is a landmark at Miami with events being held there regularly.  It is as fancy inside as on the outside.  This view is about 1940.