Picher, Oklahoma
Residential views during the 1920s
These two pictures are part of a long panoramic picture taken at Picher during the 1920s.  I believe that this view is looking north along that street.  Blue Mound is faintly visible beyond the end of the street and that is probably the West Side Mine sprawling on the side of the hill.  There is a big junkyard visible on the lower right.  Notice that car in that shack of a garage.
Photographer, Younger, was on top of a boxcar when he took the picture with his panoramic camera.  The whole picture covers 90 degrees and this view looks east along the tracks.  Here, more of the junkyard is visible.  This picture is said to be taken from the vicinity of 3rd and Ella streets in Picher.  Building on right has "Joplin Oil Company" painted on side.  Junkyard is United Iron & Metal Company.
Picher, Oklahoma in the 1920s
A rare view of Picher taken from Main St. looking east toward Connell.  The big building with the peak on the roof was still standing just before the demolition of the town was finished.  You can see several of the board and tar paper miner's shanties in the lower part of this picture.  There were not many houses with modern utilities and several outhouses are visible in the picture.
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