Street Scenes at Picher, Oklahoma
Connell Avenue in Picher, Oklahoma during the boom town days.  

I decided to try to enlarge some areas of the panoramic photos to show more detail, and the results were quite striking.  Here we see a lot of parked cars along the street.  It looks to be about noon time and things seem to be quite busy.  Notice the trash fires in the alley behind the buildings.  These pictures were taken when Picher was at it's most prosperous period.
     This view, taken about 1920, shows Main Street looking south from about 3rd street.  Businesses shown include The Joplin Store, Dr. Oleary's office, the Kitchenette, a tax office, Simon & Litch Jewelry, Picher Furniture, and a clothing store on the right side.  
This view shows second street businesses and miner's homes.  I don't know if this is east or west of Connell Ave.