More Vintage Scenes From Picher, Oklahoma
Outhouse Row
This view shows a close-up of an alley behind stores in downtown Picher, Oklahoma.  This is another section of a larger picture and this alley is west of the street where the Picher Mercantile was.  This view was taken from the top of the Netta tailing pile and is looking almost south.  I would say that this area was located about where the west side of the new city park is now.  That park area was all filled with businesses prior to the area being condemned.  This picture was taken late in the afternoon and you can see a building with no roof at the top of the picture.  Picher was a big town when this picture was taken.

The "King Jack"
This ramshackle building may have been the home of Picher's early newspaper, "The King Jack."  The sign says "Commercial Printers" under the King Jack emblem.  This building was on Connell Avenue and appears to be almost exactly where the later buildings for the Tri-State Tribune were located.  The light colored area at the top is the edge of the sludge pond from the Netta Mill .   This 1926 picture was taken from the top of a large chat pile from the Bingham or other mill located there.


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An earlier picture of the King Jack office shows the newspaper office as it appeared in 1918 when the mining boom was at full bloom.