More Photos from the 1960s
   A photo of Picher's Main Street about 1960.  There was still quite a bit of business on this street, but the end was near.  Notice the trees at the end of the street.  This was the area of Picher that was condemned and fenced off because of a giant mined out cavern under it.  Years later this area was cleared off and re-opened and Reunion Park was built on the area that was formerly condemned.  Incredibly, this area is now condemned again and the new park is now fenced off.  Government meddling has all but destroyed the town of Picher and this part of town is now an abandoned shell of it's former self.  The photo on the previous page shows this area as it was in 2005.
    Second street west of Connell.  This picture was taken at the same time as the above picture and shows the old Plaza theater and the Picher Bar.  All of these buildings are now gone and a church building occupies the site of the bar.  Again, the condemned area is visible at the end of the street.  At one time Picher got a grant of about $50,000 to put up some birdhouses in this area to make a sanctuary for birds.  Later the birds were kicked out and Reunion Park was built.  Now the birds are back and the area is fenced off again.  Photos courtesy of Jake Boories