Picher, Oklahoma
More Underground Mining Scenes
Drilling crew at Evans Wallower no. 4 mine, Picher, Oklahoma.
Here the crew drills holes into the ore body so charges can be placed and the ore blasted out and loaded into cans.
The loaded cans were set on small cars and hauled along a track to the shaft.  Here, a mule is used to pull several of the cars along the track.
Here, the ore cans are attached to the hoist cable and brought to the surface.
This hoisterman has hoisted a can of ore up the shaft and is getting ready to attach a cable to the bottom of the can so he can dump it into the hopper on the derrick.  When the hopper is full of lead and zinc ore the ore will then be loaded into a train car and hauled to the Eagle-Picher Central Mill, near Cardin, Oklahoma.  Photo by John Schehrer