Picher, Oklahoma
Mining and Milling Lead & Zinc
This photo shows the sludge room at the Picher No. 10 mill.  The primary ore, or dirt as it was called, first went into the hopper, then the crusher, to rolls, then to the mill proper.  It first went to the jigs for the larger ore, then to the sludge tables, then the very fine dirt went to the float machines.  Information courtesy of L. M. Sharp.
This photo shows the compressor room at the South Side mine, owned by Childress Mining Co.  Those are horizontal compressors on the left and those flywheels on the far left are part of the open winding 25 cycle motors.  On the right is a bank of air receivers (tanks) into which the compressed air is pumped.  This mill was near Cardin, Oklahoma.   My thanks to Frank Wood for helping identify this photo.
   Shown here are the crushers in an early lead and zinc mill.