Early Views Of Picher's Main Street
Photos Courtesy of Pat Waddle

    Here is a postcard view of Picher's Main St.  Not much can be seen in the view until I zoomed in on it.  I believe that this view is probably north of 3rd street.
    When I enlarged part of the postcard picture amazing detail was revealed.  Here we see two early cafes and the Electric Theater, one of Picher's very first theaters.  The tiny building next to it appears to be selling cold drinks and other food to the movie goers.  The drinks were 5 cents according to the sign in front.  I am not sure what all of those barrels are unless they are water barrels.
    Another enlargement of part of this card shows farther up Main Street and the thing to notice is that tree in the street and just beyond that is that camel sign that can be seen in other pictures on this site.  Mine buildings are faintly visible in the distance and that could possibly be the Netta mine.  This is the area that has a large mined out area under it and is now part of the city park.