More Early Picher, Ok. Businesses
Central Drug Store, Picher, Oklahoma
   This great old photo of the Central Drug Store at Picher, Oklahoma was taken on May 1, 1925 and shows the interior of this business.  The young woman at the far right in the photo is Gwendolyn Tittle and the photo was taken on her birthday. Central Drug was located at 200 South Connell Avenue.  Notice all those baseball gloves in the upper left corner of the picture and the hanging fans.  I wonder if those fans were turned on since the blade is not visible.  Fancy metal ice cream chairs surround the table.  Many other interesting items are visible when this photo is enlarged to it's maximum size.  This is a wonderful view of times long passed by.  Photo courtesy of  Ms Tittle's granddaughter, Leigh Ann Ryvers Moran, Houston, Texas.
  This view, looking west from Connell Ave down second street, shows the drugstore as it looked in the late 1920s.  Everything in this photo is now gone. When the large area of Picher was condemned, many of these buildings were torn down and others were closed.  Picher was a big town when this photo was taken.