Picher, Oklahoma
A Mining Metropolis
Here is a view of Connell Avenue from the Bingham mill tailing pile in the 1920s.  Note the large number of cars parked along the street.  The Connel Hotel is at the left edge of the photo and the water tower is just out of site.  This view looks toward the southwest over the bustling city of days gone by.
Another early view of Connell Avenue in Picher.  This view is looking north from about Third Street toward Second Street.  The post office is on the east side of Connell Avenue.
    In late 2012 there are only the shells of a few buildings on Connell and they will soon be gone.  This is that section as it looked in 1922 looking north from the tracks.  The building with the "Picher Commission" sign is the Frisco Hotel. The Picher Electric Co. is across the street.