Lead & Zinc Mining Pictures

The pictures in this section are mainly photos of miners, equipment, mills, derricks, and other things relating to mining in the tri-state district.  There are many more pictures in the other sections that show mining, so to see it all, look through all the pictures in the towns of Commerce, Cardin, Douthat, Hockerville, St. Louis, and Picher.  There are a lot of pictures that have never been shown in the detail presented here.  A lot of these pictures on this site have been created by scanning large panoramic views and then enlarging small segments from them.
Drilling crew at the Lucky Bill mine, Cardin, Oklahoma.  The man on the left is Ray Morris, Floyd Johnston is the driller, and the other man is the ground boss.  Photo courtesy of Ed Johnston.
Ore samples such as this one of galena cubes on white dolomite were sometimes collected by miners and the samples later sold to collectors.  Photo courtesy of Grant J. Gibson.
A picture taken in the engine room of the Denver-Miami Mining Company's Mill.  These large motors drove the machinery in the mill.  Man standing is Elbern N. Griffis.  Photo courtesy of Mary Gentry.