Quapaw, Oklahoma
    This picture is taken from the north end of town looking south and showing the buildings on the east side of Main.   Photo courtesy of Pat Waddle.
    View of residences at Quapaw, Oklahoma during the mining days.  These houses are of better construction than the clapboard shanties at Picher and Hockerville.  Several large lead and zinc mines and mills are visible in the distance.   This photo was probably taken about 1920.  Quapaw is several years older than Picher and mining started east of here about 1903.
    Another view of the residential area shows one of the houses with a pyramid shaped roof.  This design was common in the early days of the area and many of these houses can be found today in most area towns.  Notice the big mines and mills in the distance.  Also notice the trash pile next to that outhouse.