The Devil's Promenade
Two postcard views show a man standing atop Lover's Leap and a view from river level showing the giant rock.  Lover's Leap is a high rocky ledge at the west end of Spring River bridge and is located a couple of miles east of Lincolnville.  Legend says that a beautiful Indian maiden fell in love with an Indian warrier of another tribe and when the parents refused to allow the marriage, they went to the cliff and jumped over.  Although the cards say Baxter Springs, Kansas, the location is in Ottawa county, Oklahoma.

This turn of the century photo shows another view from below the cliffs looking downstream.  The rock in the distance is the Lover's Leap.  This picture predates the old Spring River Bridge.
Several roundish shaped rocks in the area are known as the Devil's Biscuits.
All of this is on Indian land.  Every July, Native Americans from all over converge near here for the Indian Pow Wow where the tribes dress in native costume and war dances and other interesting events take place.