Picher, Oklahoma Tornado of May 10, 2008
    On May 10 an F4 tornado wiped out most of the south half of Picher, Oklahoma.  This tornado stayed on the ground for over 1 hour and devastated areas from Chetopa, Kansas clear over to Granby, Mo. Over 20 people lost their lives in this event.  I will try to show some pictures here.  This may require a broadband connection.  I will add some more later. I may have to make some changes here if this doesn't work, so bear with me.
    Picher is not wiped out as the media has reported.  The north 2/3 of the town is still undamaged and looks the same.  On Connell Ave., the damage starts about 2 blocks south of Paul Thomas funeral home.  From here on south, all is leveled.  The old houses in the southwest part of town are gone.  The newer houses in the southeast part are gone.  The convenience store on south Connell is gone.  The old business section to the north of Paul Thomas is intact, but getting very desolate from the people moving away.  The school is intact.  Cardin is intact.  The tornado passed just north of Cardin.

See a slide presentation of the damage at Picher.

This will likely require a broadband internet connection.
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Panoramic Views of the tornado damage
This is an experiment to see if I can show large pictures.  These views are a wide angle sweep of the area.  The pictures are wider than your screen so you will have to use the scroll bar to view them from one end to the next.  They are large files and a broadband connection is needed.  Click on the links below and to get back to this page use the "Back" button or arrow to return to this page.