Treece Kansas School
   This view of Treece School was taken during the 1920s.  I think that another building was located next to this at a later date.  Residential houses and a store are located near it.  The school was in the west part of town and that road behind it is the road that runs along the north side of Treece today.  The mill may be on the Webber or the Kansouri lease.  The school that was added later went at least until the 8th grade.  All of this is now gone and only a few older houses are in the area.
    Third grade class of 1939 at Treece School.

    This school was later built next to the one shown above.  The old school is barely visible behind the new school.  Both schools were then joined by a door.  Neither school is there any more.   Photo by C. D. Reedy