Douthat, Oklahoma
Ottawa County's Forgotten Mining Town
      In this old photo, labeled "Main Street, Century, Okla.", a building has the sign "US Post Office, Douthat, Oklahoma."  Maps show Douthat was located in the west half of what was originally called Century.  The original town of Century extended over to what is now Highway 69.  Another community, located where the Cardin road intersects Connell Ave. south of Picher, was called North Century. The boom town of Douthat was only a few years old when this picture was taken and the giant lead and zinc mills are visible over the buildings.  This town was about a mile south of Picher and for a few years was a thriving community.  By the 1940s the town had lost most of it's inhabitants as miners and their families moved to Miami and Picher.
A Prairie Ghost Town

Shells of abandoned buildings are all that remain of Douthat, Oklahoma.  Here is a true ghost town with nearly all of the inhabitants gone.  Only the jackrabbits and other wildlife inhabit the wind swept main street of this once thriving town.
Photo by John Schehrer

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