Hockerville, Oklahoma in 1918
Hockerville, Oklahoma came into exist in 1916 when lead and zinc were discovered there.  It is east of Picher several miles and near the Kansas state line.  It was a mining boom town that quickly sprang up and reached a population of 1500 or more.  Shown here are rows of the clapboard miner's shanties with the giant Farmington mine and mill in the background.  Note the outhouses behind each house and the chickens pecking around in the trash pile beside the second outhouse from the left. These pictures are good examples of how it was when the Picher district was known as the World's greatest lead and zinc mining district.
        Miners houses near the Lucky Ok Mine at Hockerville.  This is a snapshot of life during the mining days.  Miners and their families lived in primitive conditions and had none of the modern conveniences of today.  This picture and the top picture are small pieces that I edited from a much bigger picture.  Much detail becomes visible when these old photos are greatly enlarged and this picture is shown here for the first time anywhere.