Old Neosho River Bridges
Photos by John Schehrer
The muddy Neosho River passes slowly under Stepp's Ford Bridge.  This bridge is several miles west of Commerce, Oklahoma and is one of the oldest bridges in Ottawa County.   I was recently told that this bridge was moved here from Miami and was the original bridge over the Neosho at Riverview Park.  The bridge is now closed and a new one has been built near the old one.

Update:  As of 2017 this bridge is completely gone and there are no more bridges of this kind.
Conner Bridge is near Fairland, Oklahoma and is also on the Neosho River.  These old bridges date from the 1920s or earlier. Both places are popular fishing spots for area fishermen.  Relics like these bridges, the old water towers, and chat piles are rapidly dissappearing from the landscape.  If you are in the area, you should definitely visit these places.  Before you realize it, they are gone.
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An Update.  Conner bridge was closed following the Minnesota bridge collapse.  As of Mar. 2010 the bridge is now gone and a new one is being built.
The new replacement bridge.