Another Scene Of A Busy Day and Celebration
Photos courtesy of Lynn Forsell
A picture from about 1917 showing a big crowd of people gathered for some kind of event.  This picture may be on South Main street at Picher.
      When I zoomed in on the picture, much more detail was visible.  The Picher Furniture and Undertaking was on South Main according to a 1917-1918 directory of Picher.  Betts Bakery is next to it and the directory says that it was at Main and Picher which does not make sense since the streets are parallel to one another and do not intersect.  On the other side of the street was the Wyandotte Cafe and Rooms (top picture).  The sign over the street says "We don't have to, Picher's Got It."  Notice the long line of people waiting for something.  It is unbelievable but nearly everything shown on this section of the website is gone without a trace.