Old Ruins In The Woods Near Treece, Kansas
Photos by J. Schehrer, Nov. 2011

Ruins of an old building of some kind exist in the woods west of Treece, Kansas and they may be part of the old ghost town of Monarch.  Monarch was a small community surrounded by mines and it came and went in a few years.  Only these old foundations and possibly an underground room still exist.  The town was about a mile west of Treece and straddled the Kansas-Oklahoma border.  I have been told that there was a whisk broom factory there at one time.  Now the whole place is overgrown with heavy brush.

Entrance to old building
Foundation of old buildings
Floor of the building and cellar entrance.
The name "C. Wilbur" is inscribed in the sidewalk of this building.
Wilbur mine chat pile and Tar Creek.
The words "SHEM : HIWAY" are written in tiles near the entrance to this structure.  I have been unable to determine the purpose of this structure.