Whitebird Community
Ottawa County, Oklahoma
Whitebird community was a small group of residences and buildings that grew up around the Commerce Mining & Royalty power plant.  It was located one mile west of Cardin and existed for a few years then dissappeared when the mines closed.  Here we see a view looking northwest from the power plant during the 1920s.
This is a closer view taken from the above picture and shows the miner's shacks and surrounding area.
Another closeup shows a more modern house amoung the shanties and outhouses.  The mine at the left of the picture may be the Wesah Greenback.Some sort of aeration pond is visible in the foreground and is part of the CM & R power plant.
This picture and the ones above are part of a long panoramic view of the area.  This view is looking north from the power station and shows more of the Whitebird community.  The power station supplied 25 cycle power to the mines and mills of the Picher district.  This plant is now used for storage and also was used by Wiseda.  Very little remains of the original Whitebird community, but the old station looks much the same and is one of the very few remaining structures from the heyday of mining activity.